Are Body Fat Scales Accurate?

Are Body Fat Scales Accurate?

Can regular old-school scales really do the job anymore? And how accurate are they? Interestingly, traditional scales are not as accurate as you might think. As they’re tested on a limited number of users, their accuracy varies, meaning they might be wrong as much as 5%. On the other hand, smart body scales deliver different results and represent a new and improved way of keeping track of your health.

We know the best smart scale currently on the market — the Eros smart body fat scale. If you’re set on delivering constant results, then you won’t find a better right hand to help you. Let’s break it down and find out how accurate this body fat scale is and what it actually offers to potential users worldwide.


What Are Body Fat Scales?

Body fat scales are instrumental in tracking your health and fitness progress. And smart body fat scales do that with ease by connecting to your phone. They track results beyond your body weight to enable a better understanding of how your body works and allow you to dig deeper into your health statistics. A scale like this allows you to get your desired results faster and more efficiently.

How Do These Scales Work?

Most people wonder about the functionalities of such smart scales. We understand smartwatches and phones, but how can a scale measure your body fat or bone mass? Well, it’s rather simple and harmless. 

Once you enter the data about your weight, height, age, gender, and physical activity levels, the scale uses that data to its advantage. Simultaneously, it relies on auto-calibrating sensors with bioelectrical resistance that are built into the 6mm tempered glass platform. Once these sensors get in contact with your feet, they send electrical current through them. Don’t worry — you won’t feel a thing. The signals go through your body and back into the scale with all the necessary information needed for it to function.

That’s how you learn your results — through accurate fat scale mechanics. 

How Accurate Are Body Fat Scales?

Keeping track of your body fat is not all about looking good. It mostly concerns your health. A higher percentage of body fat suggests possible health-related problems like diabetes. So, note that more than 24% (35% for women) of body fat is a high and risky number. However, you still need to factor in your age.

Measuring your body fat has now become much simpler. You can get an accurate percentage of your body fat at your own home using a body fat scale. But they do not come without limitations. There are certain things that you must note, like hydration levels affecting the result. Overhydration leads to underestimating body fat percentages, while dehydration shows overestimated results. Water weight can also impact the results, like swelling in your legs.

However, that does not mean these scales are not accurate. What’s more, scales meant for home use are more accurate now than they have ever been before. The smaller, more compact body fat scales measure your body composition from two points — your feet. 

Even the most accurate smart scale leaves room for error. But, mind you, that point of error is not more than -/+3%. That means you won’t find a scale that measures body fat and 12 other metrics that are as accurate as the Eros scale.

On the other hand, scales that measure body composition metrics from four points (feet and hands) are a tad more accurate. Yet, such scales are also much larger and expensive, typically used in professional establishments that focus on providing such data.

Eros Smart Body Fat Scale — Best Results at Home

If you’re keen on keeping track of your weight and overall health progress, you won’t find a better solution than doing it at home. That’s why these smart body scales are the best solution. Technology has advanced enough to make them work seamlessly, providing accurate results at the same time.

What’s important to keep receiving the same results is continuous use. Using the same smart body fat scale enables the device to track your progress over time and correctly note any fluctuations in metrics. Such tracking leads to healthy results and overall great health, which is the most important thing.



That’s why you should note the most accurate body fat scale 2022 — Eros. This model tracks 13 key metrics, including weight, body fat, visceral fat, BMI, BMR, water, and more. In short, all you need to keep track of your health journey.