Love Your Body
EROS | Smart Scale
Love Your Body
EROS | Smart Scale

Our Beliefs

We believe that the journey to a healthy lifestyle can be taken by anyone who desires it. That is why we are here to provide you with the right tools that will facilitate you in the path to inevitable fitness.

Smart Body Fat Scales

Track body composition on your smartphone

Smart Body Weight Scales

Track body weight & BMI on your smartphone

Body Fat Scales

See body composition results on your scale

Body Weight Scales

See body weight directly on your scale

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Body & Health
Body & Health


I really do appreciate the fact that you stand behind your products 100%. You guys are the best.

Jeanne S.

I will admit your company has a most unusual customer service department. One that might be expected if buying a Rolls Royce or Rolex.

Gene S.

Wish all sellers were eager to provide great service. Thank you!! The product is great too. Couldn't be happier with it!

Deeanna D.

I must say that INEVIFIT ‘s customer service was remarkable in every way. I am most grateful and very impressed!

Nancy P.

Over the top! You have set a very high standard and I will speak of INEVIFIT that way. Deep respect and gratitude.

Patrick B.

Reliable, responsive, and respectable company. This is obviously a company that strives to deliver and is customer friendly and receptive.

Jang Y.

I own three businesses and believe me this company has excellent customer service which most businesses do not have anymore!

Deborah T.

A great accurate scale - coupled with good, caring service. A great combination!

Pat M.

Thank you for the surprising and excellent customer service. What can I do to commend you for restoring my faith in humanity.

Susanne D.

I really appreciate INEVIFIT going the extra mile. Customer service throughout the company was “best in class “, really superb.

Marji S.