The INEVIFIT Health Accessories are here to empower you from the kitchen to the gym allowing you to make progress with your health, fitness and nutrition. 
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    Smart scales have revolutionized the world of health and fitness. These innovative devices are incredibly precise and will allow you to keep track of your body weight, bone mass, body fat, and more, helping you reach your goals. But they are just a single stop on your fitness journey. To make the most of your new regime, you’ll need little helpers along the way. 

    INEVIFIT accessories are here to facilitate the entire process. Whether you need help portioning out your meals or you want to add some novelty to your exercise routine, our accessories will provide you with everything you need.

    INEVIFIT Accessories — Perfect Fitness Partners

    Keeping track of your weight with a top-quality smart scale and exercising regularly aren’t the only components of becoming fit. Tracking how much you eat and exercise is essential if you want to be in shape and maintain good health. INEVIFIT has a range of accessories that will help you stay on top of your fitness and wellness.

    Meal Prep and Storage

    By now, everyone and their dog knows how handy meal prepping is. You may have seen numerous viral Instagram and TikTok videos showcasing colorful meals packed neatly in clear containers. However, this practice is not just about aesthetics. Not only will you save money and time, but you’ll also be able to improve the quality of your diet and add some variety to it. 

    If you’re trying to get in shape or have a more balanced diet, you’re already paying attention to what kinds of ingredients you use while preparing your meals. However, sometimes it can be challenging to figure out the size of your portion or find a compact enough dish that can be heated up and stored in the fridge. 

    INEVIFIT nutrition containers come in a 10-pack and a 7-pack in two handy sizes (36 oz and 28 oz). You can store these durable BPA-free boxes in the freezer and fridge and simply heat them in your microwave in time for your meal. You can even carry them to work without worrying about the contents of your lunch leaking everywhere. Those of you who hate doing the dishes can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our nutrition containers are dishwasher friendly.

    Switch up Your Workouts

    Having a steady workout routine is all fine and dandy until you get bored of it and lose motivation. We suggest adding some variety to your exercise plan to get yourself out of that slump. The INEVIFIT massage foam roller makes for a perfect workout addition. As the name suggests, you can use it to give yourself a massage. The self-massage can help improve blood circulation and break lactic acid build-up, which is known to cause muscle burn after an extensive and intense exercise session. 

    Our massage foam roller comes with a case, and it's compact enough so you can carry it to your gym. As we age, our mobility decreases, and specific movements become more difficult. The roller’s innovative design and dual-pressure massage zones will help ease the pain that has been bothering you for so long. With frequent use, you’ll notice how a range of motions becomes easier to perform. 

    Starting a health and fitness program from scratch can be challenging. Luckily, INEVIFIT accessories and body scales will lead you down the right path. Your dream body is just around the corner as long as you’re persistent and don’t lose hope. Ask us a question and begin your journey toward a healthier life today!

    Take control of your health with INEVIFIT today!