Body Scales

The INEVIFIT Body Scales are made for individuals who know exactly what they want. Our body scales can provide you with weight or weight and body composition so that you can do more of what is working to reach your goals. 
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    Discovering INEVIFIT Body Scales

    Tracking your body weight and other metrics has never been easier, thanks to advanced technologies manufacturers can use to create all-in-one body scales. What’s more, such developments allow interested parties to track their results at home, all in one place, eliminating the need to use someone’s services.

    With the single use of a body scale, you can get much more than you might have bargained for. So, if you are interested in discovering what these scales can do for you to better your health and physical activity, you’re on the right page. We’ll review their most important functions to help bring INEVIFIT scales closer to you.

    Body Composition Scales 101

    If you’re unsure about body fat scales and their basic functions, we’ll take you through them. A body scale allows you to track key body composition metrics, including bone mass and visceral fat. But more on that later on. Aside from their many functions, INEVIFIT body scales encourage you to make better and healthier choices. What’s more, by making such choices, you’ll be able to see the results right at home.

    A weight and body fat scale like this was not common until recently. Only specialized and professional establishments had them. However, these scales are now much more affordable and available to anyone interested.

    On top of that, you get a chance to sync all of your results with any app that you already use, as body fat scales allow it. That is a significant improvement compared to old body scales or those available in gyms or other establishments. This way, you get to keep track of your personal achievements without sacrificing anything.

    What Do These Body Scales Offer?

    You’re probably interested in finding out what these body scales actually offer. INEVIFIT body scales offer to track your complete body composition. But what does that mean? We’ll break it here: Body weight; Fat percentage; Muscle mass; Water percentage; Bone mass; BMI; Visceral fat; Metabolic age; BMR.

    All of these nine metrics are available to you through one body scale weight device. Such body fat scales only further enable tracking of your complete body composition, allowing you to take notes and keep track of anything that’s important for your fitness journey.

    How Does the Scale Work?

    Since we’re talking about body composition scales, you can rest assured that everything is safe and dependable. The body fat scale relies on BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) technology, which uses advanced mechanics to measure body composition values.

    It starts its estimation once the user inputs their age, gender, height, weight, and level of physical activity. The high-tech analyzer uses all that data to calculate body composition values correctly. Naturally, you should leave some wiggle room, as body weight can oscillate from .2 lb or .1 kg.

    Moreover, you can get all of your results through one bright and proportionate display on the body scale. That means all of the results are compactly arranged to make for easier use.

    INEVIFIT Body Scales — A Great Easy Use

    Whether your fitness journey is just beginning or you have some experience, these body scales represent a great and easy way to keep and stay healthy. INEVIFIT body scales combine functionality and ease of use in one small device that you can keep anywhere in your house or 

    apartment. It even allows on-the-go tracking of your health progress, making it a compact device.

    If you have any questions or dilemmas about its use, you can always contact its 7-day customer support. And if you decide to take the next step into a healthier and more efficient lifestyle, you’ll do so with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. What’s there more to it? Join a healthier path right now!

    Take control of your health with the INEVIFIT body scales today!