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The INEVIFIT Food Scales are here to empower you in the kitchen by allowing you to take control of your nutrition with confidence. All of our food scales use our highly accurate 1 gram sensor to ensure that your macros and measurements are on point.
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    If you spend much time in the kitchen, whether out of love or necessity, you know measurements go a long way. A little more flour will make your cake dry, and a tiny bit of water will make your sauce too runny and bland. Things are even more complex when dealing with niche recipes and unusual ingredients. Traditional measuring cups and tools don’t even work with sticky foods like honey or peanut butter. Fortunately, we can leave these struggles behind thanks to an instrument called the food scale. These simple kitchen fixtures will make your cooking prep a dream. You’ll never have to stress about calculations and ratios again. If this sounds intriguing, stay with us as we introduce you to one of the best kitchen inventions.

    What Is a Food Scale and How Does It Work?

    A food or kitchen scale is a measuring device that determines and displays the weight of objects. Traditional analog scales have been around for a long time, so you’ve probably seen one even if you haven’t used it. They feature a tiny hand that shows the weight of your foods on a clock-like pound measuring scale. They’ll do the job if you’re dealing with heavier ingredients and recipes with whole number measurements. However, digital versions of this instrument are much more advanced.

    A digital food scale, also known as a digital gram scale, will measure the weight of any ingredient down to the last gram. It can weigh a variety of articles, from dry foods like flour and sugar to wet ingredients like milk and water. Depending on your requirements, it can display the weight in pounds, ounces, or grams.

    You won’t have trouble using it, either. Even though the mechanics behind the way a digital food weight scale works are complex, you’ll only have to do two things:

    1. Place the ingredient you want to measure on the scale

    2. Read the display for results

    The scale’s internal strain gauge will bend under the weight of the object on it. The scale will convert that deformation into electric signals and then into a digital measurement. This result will appear on your scale’s display in an instant.

    Benefits of Using a Digital Food Scale?

    If you’ve never used a digital kitchen scale, you’re in for a treat. These tools come with a list of benefits that will make your cooking or meal-prepping experience much easier and more enjoyable. Here’s what you can expect:

    Accuracy — The best digital scales come with incredibly precise measuring capabilities. INEVIFIT’s scale boasts 1-gram accuracy regardless of the ingredient you’re measuring. The scale will display results in grams, ounces, pounds, pounds with ounces, or milliliters according to your needs. Such precision will allow you to bake any dessert or pastry, or portion food you’re preparing hassle-free.

    Ease of use — INEVIFIT’s scales turn on and off with a single button press and instantly display measurements. Their backlit LED display will make reading the results easy. Moreover, their Tare feature will allow you to reset the indicated weight of the object to zero and make it easy to measure multiple foods together or weigh ingredients in containers. After you’re done with these measurements, you won’t have any dishes to wash or clean. You can simply put away your scale.

    Durability — INEVIFIT food scale is made in Southern California with the finest stainless steel. So, you can trust it’s exceptionally durable and straightforward to clean. On top of that, the scale comes with a 5-year guarantee and 7-day USA support, like all INEVIFIT’s products.

    INEVIFIT Food Scales — Measure with Ease

    Whether you’re a professional chef, a hobby cook, or on a specific diet — INEVIFIT food scales are a must-have. These stainless steel, California-designed tools are robust, well-designed, and compact. They’ll measure any food with 1-gram accuracy, convert results from one measurement system to another, and help you navigate your cooking or meal-prepping journey. Plus, they’re easy to use, clean, and pack away. It doesn't get any better than this — place your order right now and thank us later!

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