How Accurate Are Your Bathroom Scales?

How Accurate Are Your Bathroom Scales?

A bathroom scale is a great tool to have to keep a check on your body weight. They are convenient and can be tucked away until you need to use them. Unfortunately, bathroom scales aren’t always accurate, especially if you have chosen a cheap option. That’s why it’s important to understand how accurate your bathroom scale is.

A standard bathroom scale can be a digital or analog scale and typically only measure an object's weight and nothing more. If you’re looking for a bathroom scale that will give you a body fat percentage reading, body mass percentage reading, and body water percentage reading, you’ll need a body composition scale. Otherwise, your standard bathroom scale will only give you a body weight measurement, which may not be accurate.

What Causes a Bathroom Scale to Give an Inaccurate Reading?

A bathroom scale uses load cells that bend downward when an object is placed onto the scale. The scale can give an inaccurate reading for a variety of reasons that include the following:

  • The scale is placed on a carpet
  • The feet of the scale are uneven
  • The scale is placed on an uneven surface
  • The scale is placed in a different location each time it is used
  • The scale has never been calibrated or returned to zero after being used

Some people think that choosing a digital bathroom scale will give them a more accurate weight reading, but a digital bathroom scale can have the same inaccuracies as an analog bathroom scale. 

The weight reading on a digital scale can have discrepancies as well. That’s because a digital scale doesn’t use as many high-quality sensors and load cells as the scales used in doctor’s offices. 

How Accurate Should a Bathroom Scale Be?

All standard bathroom scales will be off; you need to ask yourself, “how much should it be off?”

A bathroom body scale can have discrepancies of as much as 30%, but you should try to find a bathroom scale that is only off by 7% or less. That’s why it’s important to understand how accurate bathroom scales are to know which one to choose.

The INEVIFIT bathroom scales have been tested and provide an accurate measurement of +/-3% for their body fat scales and up to 0.1kg or 0.2 lb on their body weight scales. Let’s look at what you get when choosing an INEVIFIT bathroom scale. 


Choosing an INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale

INEVIFIT bathroom scales use the latest technology to ensure the results are as accurate as possible. With their body composition scales, INEVIFIT uses bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to estimate body weight and various other types of body compositions. 

The BIA technology metrics are typically within 3% of DEXA scan results. In other words, an INEVIFIT body composition scale will give you body composition readings within a 3% accuracy.

In addition to results within a 3% accuracy, INEVIFIT body composition scales have various features and functions that make it a bathroom scale you should choose. 

Let’s take a look at the INEVIFIT body fat scale first.

The INEVIFIT Body Fat Scale

Most of our INEVIFIT body fat scales tracks the following 9 different body composition metrics with an accuracy of +/- 3%:

  • Muscle mass
  • Visceral fat
  • BMR calories
  • BMI 
  • Body water
  • Metabolic age
  • Bone mass
  • Body fat
  • Body weight

It’s more than just a bathroom scale to measure how much you weigh; it’s a body composition scale that reads all the different body areas that make up your weight. This makes it easier to set fitness goals and meet them. 

How Does the INEVIFIT Body Fat Scale Work?

The INEVIFIT body fat scale uses bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to estimate body composition values. These values should fall within a 3% accuracy for users who have a DEXA scan done of their body. When you step on the body fat scale, the BIA technology will take a reading of 9 different body areas. Then, those results will be displayed on the screen.

There are three different models of INEVIFIT body fat scales to choose from. The main difference is that the INEVIFIT Deluxe only measures seven body fat composition metrics, while the Premium and Supreme models measure nine.

The INEVIFIT Body Weight Scale

The INEVIFIT body weight scale is a standard bathroom scale that will measure the weight of an object placed on it. It uses auto-calibrating sensors that provide weight measurements with a 0.1kg or 0.2 lb accuracy. 

There are four models of INEVIFIT body weight scales, all of which have auto-calibrating sensors that will be within a 0.1kg or 0.2 lb accuracy.

The difference between the four different INEVIFIT body weight scales is the size of the scale and how many batteries it requires. All of the scales provide accurate weight measurements with the same level of accuracy. 

Why You Should Choose an INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale

As you’ve seen, the INEVIFIT bathroom scales are highly accurate. Some bathroom scales can be off as much as 30%. This can have devastating consequences on your fitness goals. You can easily change your fitness routine, including your workouts and eating habits, based on the results shown on a bathroom scale. That’s why it’s so important to use an accurate bathroom scale.

The INEVIFIT bathroom scales are extremely accurate. If you choose an INEVIFIT body fat scale, you can be confident that the results shown on the display have an accuracy of +/- 3%. Plus, you can obtain seven or more key body metric readings that will help you meet all of your fitness goals. 

You should choose an INEVIFIT body fat scale if you are serious about knowing more about your body so that you can set and meet different fitness goals. The INEVIFIT body fat scale will help you understand your body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, and body weight to make it easier to set and meet realistic goals.

You should choose an INEVIFIT body weight scale if you’re looking for a standard bathroom scale that will give an accurate reading every time. The INEVIFIT body weight scale has auto-calibrating sensors that provide accurate weight readings when an item is placed onto the scale. 

The weight readings have an accuracy of 0.1kg or 0.2 lb. This makes it easy to always know your true body weight to set realistic fitness goals.

Final Thoughts

When you choose a bathroom scale, you get what you pay for. You can choose a cheap bathroom scale to save money, but it will likely come with a higher level of inaccuracies. Choosing an INEVIFIT bathroom scale gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to bathroom scale accuracy. They won’t break the bank and are extremely accurate compared to many options.