How to Burn Fat by Eating Everything You Want

How to Burn Fat by Eating Everything You Want

You have probably learned by now that elimination diets don’t work. Cutting down on sugar, fats, or any specific type of food will get you nowhere. Instead, the food you cut out will inevitably become the only thing you want, and you’ll eventually binge. You must be tired of ending up in that vicious circle repeatedly. What if we told you that you could consume everything you want and still lose weight? Eating to lose belly fat doesn’t need to be challenging, but it does require following some rules, like eating only when you are hungry and finishing when you are full. This intuitive way of eating fosters a healthy relationship between food and body and can help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

If you are not sure what foods to eat to lose fat, how much exercise you need, or how to keep your hunger under control, make sure to read all the tips below. 

Eat Normally But Slowly Change Your Habits

Creating an eating plan to lose belly fat and get slimmer can start small. Instead of giving up on some food groups entirely or counting calories, you can adopt the belief — eat better, not less. You can make your daily routine healthier by including more fresh foods and consuming fewer ultra-processed ones. This will gradually improve your nutrition in the long term.

However, this also means reviewing your habits. Eating on autopilot will only lead to consuming more food than you need, so try listening to your body and being present. Additionally, assess if you are hungry or just bored. In the case of the latter, you can distract yourself by walking, going to the gym, or seeing your friends.  

Emphasize Nutritious Foods

Your diet must consist of at least 80% nutrient-dense food, i.e., a balanced combination of macronutrients — healthy fats, protein, and carbs. Healthy protein, such as meat, eggs, fish, seafood, and plant-based protein (tofu, beans, legumes), promotes weight loss while preserving muscle mass. 

Eating for fat loss doesn’t mean you must ditch all carbs, the fuel our bodies need to function properly. However, it’s vital to go for the right carb sources, which you can get from potatoes, pumpkins, corn, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens like broccoli, spinach, and cabbage. Aside from containing carbs, these foods are packed with fiber, pivotal for regulating bowel movements and blood sugar levels.  

Don’t forget to include healthy fats when creating your eating plan. Olive oil, avocado oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados are all healthy and delicious additions, provided you use them in moderation.

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Move Your Body

If you exercise regularly, you'll lose weight and keep it under control, regardless of what you eat. This doesn’t mean doubling the time of your training sessions or exercising seven days a week. Incorporating small but continuous changes in your daily routine goes a long way. That can be taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking to work instead of driving. 

However, implementing lifting weights in your exercise routine will be even more beneficial. It will boost your metabolism, burn more calories, and speed up the weight loss journey. If this is too hard for you, stick to jogging, running, cycling, aerobics, swimming, or any other activity you like for at least half an hour daily. 

Choose Super Snacks

In our society, snacks are everywhere, and people have gotten used to munching all the time. You can do it, too, without feeling guilty. When creating a healthy eating plan to lose belly fat, opt for nutritionally rich snacks, such as almonds, apples, Greek yogurt, beans, or hummus. These snacks are rich in minerals and vitamins, making you feel fuller. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Most people tend to skip breakfast and blame it on the morning rush. Leaving out breakfast (or any other meal) tells our bodies there aren't enough calories, causing them to go into survival mode. This is likely to backfire, resulting in overeating when you do finally sit down to eat. 

Additionally, studies have shown that people who consumed 22% – 50% of their daily calories at breakfast experienced a weight gain of only 7 kilograms over four years. In contrast, those who consumed only 11% of their daily calories in the morning gained 14 kilograms. 

Eating a breakfast that keeps you full through the day, is slow to digest, and has a low glycaemic index is best. Instead of a bowl of sugary cereal, opt for beans on whole-wheat toast, eggs, avocado, or any other food that will curb cravings later in the day. You can also boost your breakfast by adding 15 – 25 grams of protein.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Hydrate and Watch What You Drink

Eating to lose belly fat doesn’t only include food but water as well. Some people prefer drinking a glass or two of water before or during a meal as this makes them feel satiated more quickly. Thirst can mask itself as hunger, causing you to consume more food than you need.

Avoid sugary drinks because they only add to your calorie intake. You can have them in moderation or try drinking a healthier alternative — green tea. It is a refreshing drink that can rev up your body’s calorie-burning engine.

Prep Your Meals

You can batch cook on Sunday to have food ready for the entire next week. That can be chicken for lunch, oats for breakfast, or anything else you can freeze and quickly reheat later. This method is a lifesaver for busy people, and you don’t have to stress about what you will eat tomorrow or any other day.

Another thing that can be of great assistance is a meal planner. This way, you’ll have the meal plan for each day, and you can add new recipes to the menu. 

Prep Your Meals

Eat Slowly and Enjoy the Food You Eat

Experiment with new fruits, vegetables, and herbs, adding more variety and unique flavors. A satisfying relationship with food is the only way to create long-term habits. 

Learn how to eat slowly, taste every bite, and swallow only when the food is thoroughly chewed. This has been scientifically proven beneficial for your stomach and bowels and will help you enjoy food more.