Weighing Your Options for Muscle Relief: Foam Roller vs. Massage Gun


Your muscles are stiff/sore, and you don’t have the time to arrange massages every time that happens. Now what? Well, fortunately, the market is swarming with products that will help you target the troublesome area that’s been nagging you. 

In fact, the only decision you’ll need to make is a foam roller vs massage gun. Granted, the choice isn’t going to be clear-cut, given that each product has its own merits. Lucky for you — we’re on the case. In the following sections, we’re going to recount the characteristics of each, so you’ll have an easy time with your purchase. Let’s get started!

Why Do We Use These Tools?

Both massage guns and foam rollers have become increasingly popular ways to get muscle relief. Namely, both tools can target specific areas in our bodies, applying pressure and thus reducing the soreness. But before we get into the specifics, we’d like to dwell on one term — myofascial release.

Physiotherapists use this method to reduce tightness in the fascia (i.e., tissue surrounding muscles, bones, and organs). A professional would apply gentle pressure to the sore area and employ various kinds of tools in an attempt to alleviate the pain or relax the knot.

In the event of an injury, stress, or poor posture, tissues can become stiff. Meanwhile, in a perfect world, we’d be able to hit the spa every week and enjoy soothing massages and saunas. However, such a scenario is not very likely during these hectic times, so we’re left to fend for ourselves. 

The good news is pain management is certainly possible from home. You can set aside 15 minutes and target the ailing area using a massage gun vs foam roller. If you are divided on their use like the rest of the world, maybe the following segments will help you reach a decision. 


When to Use a Massage Gun

A massage gun ball is a handheld device meant to provide your muscles with percussive therapy. While the tool may be a novelty in the fitness industry, it has quickly gained traction among workout enthusiasts. The gun itself comes with a wide range of attachments that you can adjust as needed. The powerful vibrations that it relies on target aching muscles and provide relief. 


Here are some pros of massage guns:

  • Versatility: A massage gun can let you access specific body areas and target them in a more precise manner. It can be used over larger muscle groups like hamstrings, glutes, or even the lower back. You can customize every part of the experience, from the speed to the force direction. Meanwhile, thanks to its compact size, you can carry it wherever you are. 
  • Settings variety: Speaking of versatility, a massage gun boasts numerous types of pressure points, which you can adjust based on your immediate needs. For instance, a broader head is better fitted for larger areas, while a smaller one can help you access a smaller tension surface. 
  • Body benefits: A massage gun will not only help relax the tense surface but also stimulate circulation, helping your muscles recover more quickly.  

You can use massage guns anytime you feel like it. For instance, you can utilize one during a warm-up before you switch to a more intense workout. It will improve blood flow to those specific areas and prepare you for the upcoming vigorous exercise. Of course, you can employ massage guns even on days you’re not hitting the gym to maintain your muscle health.

When to Use a Foam Roller

A massage foam roller has long been a fitness essential. The best way to use it is just to listen to the cues your body is sending you. If you feel you need a break after a workout, just whip out your foam roller and take advantage of the following perks:

  • Decrease muscle soreness. If running is your go-to cardio, then a foam roller is the best way to alleviate those sore muscles. Research even indicates that this piece of equipment can decrease muscle soreness for up to three days after intense squatting. How great is that?
  • Extend your motion range. Flexibility can be an issue if you're just starting to work out. However, foam rollers can help break up adhesions and fascia and reduce the likelihood of getting injured. 
  • Save money. If you can’t afford a massage gun, try foam rollers. INEVIFIT offers budget-friendly foam rollers that can speed up recovery and improve mobility. 


The foam roller vs massage gun application is pretty much the same. The best way to maximize the power of a foam roller is to use it right out of bed when you feel stiff and sore. Moreover, on a difficult day, take out your fitness companion to increase circulation in those aching muscles. Of course, you can use a foam roller before and after a workout; in the former case, it serves as a great warmer. Meanwhile, in the latter, it’s an excellent way to fight delayed onset muscle soreness, which is often a consequence of intense exercise.

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Bottom Line

The eternal debate will continue its course, at least when it comes to massage guns and foam rollers. Take the time to weigh both sides and decide what’s best for your needs. Both pieces are versatile, easy to carry around, and can target various groups of muscles. That said, you need to take into account any previous injuries and medical conditions and consult a professional. Finally, you can use either (or both) to maximize your workout regime and make it pain-free.