I-BS006 Series Instructions

Easy Setup Instructions

Step 1: Install the three AAA batteries included with your scale to power it on.

Step 2: Select the desired unit of measurement using the “UNIT” button on the back of the scale.

Step 3: Place the scale on a flat, level and hard surface for use and be sure to allow the scale to Auto-Calibrate before its first use or any time it is physically moved.

Congratulations, you are all done! Now simply step on the scale to get your weight and begin tracking your process.

Thank you for choosing INEVIFIT.


How do I change from lbs to kg?

If you wish to change the unit of measurement on your scale, simply press on the unit conversion button located on the back of the scale.

How do I calibrate my scale?

If you wish to calibrate your scale, please follow the steps below;
1. Place the scale on a hard and level surface.
2. Briefly step on and off of the scale so that "0.0" is displayed on the scale.
3. The scale is ready for use!
*If the scale does not turn on, please make sure you are stepping on it with enough force as it requires at least 10 lbs (4.5 kgs) to turn on.

How do I connect my scale to my phone?

Please note that this model does not connect to a smartphone directly. If you wish to track your weight on a smartphone, you can do one of the following;
-Use the FREE Eros app to manually record your weight readings and keep a log of your progress.
-Please check out our smart scales which connect directly with our app.

Why does my scale show "Lo"?

If you get a "Lo" reading on the display, this means one of two things;
-The batteries are low, so you will need a replacement.
-One or more of the batteries may have been installed incorrectly causing the scale to get a low battery reading.

Why is my scale showing "Err"?

If your scale is showing "Err" it could be for one of the following reasons;
-The max capacity of your scale is 400 lbs (181.4 kgs), it may present this display if overloaded.
-One or more of the sensors may have been damaged, please contact support for further assistance.

Why is my scale not turning on when I tap on it?

If your scale is not turning on sometimes when you tap on it, it may be for one of the following reasons;
-Please try stepping on it with more force as the scale requires at least 10 lbs (4.5kgs) to turn on.
-Please check the batteries to ensure that they are properly installed and/or replace them if needed.

Why does the scale give me a different weight reading when using it multiple times in a row?

If the scale is giving you different readings after consecutive uses, please check the following;
-Ensure that you have calibrated the scale since this could cause a 3-4 pound difference between readings.
-Ensure that it is placed on a hard and level surface, the scale will not work on carpet, mats or rubber flooring.
-Ensure that the conditions are the same for the user, things to consider are: drinking, eating, items in pockets, using the restroom, phone on hand, etc.
*Fun fact: 1 liter of water weighs 2.2 pounds or 1 kg so drinking or urinating will often cause a slight fluctuation.

Why does the weight keep moving without settling on a stable reading?

If your scale is displaying a constantly moving weight without settling on a stable reading, this can be caused by one of the following;
-The floor may be unstable, please try using the scale on level flooring made of hardwood, concrete or tile.
-There may be something touching the scale or under the scale, please inspect the bottom and surrounding areas and try again.
-The user of the scale may be slightly unstable, please try remaining as stable as possible while weighing yourself.
-One or more of the sensors may have been damaged, please contact support for further assistance.

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