INEVIFIT Eros Pro Massage Gun
INEVIFIT Eros Pro Massage Gun Intuitive Features Pressure Indicator Battery Life Massage Speed One-Touch Control
INEVIFIT Eros Pro Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massage 14mm amplitude
INEVIFIT Eros Pro Massage Gun Practical Features Compact  Case Long Battery Life Fast Charging Low Noise
INEVIFIT Eros Pro Massage Gun Confidence Smart Auto Features Auto-Off Auto-Standby Auto-Stop
INEVIFIT Eros Pro Massage Gun Our Promise INEVIFIT Experience 7-day Support 5-year Warranty

INEVIFIT | Eros PRO Massage Gun

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INEVIFIT | Eros PRO Massage Gun

INEVIFIT | Eros PRO Mas...



  • EXPERIENCE FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY: Includes 5 massage heads to release even the toughest of muscles with 6 independent massage speeds (RPM: 1,700 | 1,900 | 2,100 | 2,300 | 2,500 | 2,800).
  • SIMPLE & CONVENIENT: View massage speed, pressure, & battery life in an easy-to-read display. Power on/off, change massage speeds, or pause your massages, through a single button.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEEP TISSUE MASSAGING: Delivers a high amplitude (14mm) percussion therapy to properly release lactic acid build-up. 
  • BUILT FOR EVERYDAY USE: Includes a compact carrying case to carry all attachments on the go and the XL battery delivers over 3 hours* of massage on a single charge.
  • MASSAGE WITH CONFIDENCE: Get access to 15 key muscle group massage tutorial videos for a full body massage to get the most out of your massage gun. 
  • INEVIFIT GUARANTEE: Includes our industry-leading 5-year manufacturer’s warranty that comes with 7-day real USA customer support.
More Features

Items Included

Eros PRO Massage Gun
Instruction Manual
AC-DC Charger
2 Rubber Sleeves
5 Massage Heads
Massage Head Bag
Storage Case
5-Year INEVIFIT Manufacturer’s Warranty


Part Number: I-MG001
Models: I-MG001
Colors: Black
Material: Polycarbonate (Body)
Size: 6.7 x 9.8 x 2.7 inches
Weight: 2.16 lbs
Display: LED
Battery: Lithium-ion (included)
Battery Capacity: 2,000 mAh
Amplitude: 14mm
Massage Speed: 6 levels
RPM: 1,700 | 1,900 | 2,100 | 2,300 | 2,500 | 2,800
Massage Heads: 5 heads (included)
Power: 24w
Technology: Brushless motor
Auto-Standby: 15 minutes standby mode
Auto-Off: Power off technology after 3 minutes idle time
Auto-Stop: Shuts down when overloaded
Working temperatures: 32° F- 104° F / 0° C – 40° C
Working humidity: ≤ 90% RH
Storage temperature: -4° F – 104° F / -20° - 60° C


Why do I need Eros Pro Massage Gun?

The Eros Pro Massage Gun provides a high amplitude (14mm) deep tissue massage to assist with myofascial release and overall muscle tightness. The adjustable speeds and interchangeable massage head allow for customizing the massage experience to properly soothe your main muscle groups.

What are the massage heads for?

The Eros Pro massage gun comes with 5 interchangeable heads:

  • Bullet Head- Specialized for precise targeting, suitable for joints, deep tissue, trigger points, meridians, palms, soles, and other complex muscle groups.
  • Wedge Head- For relaxing abdominal muscles and the lower back, as well as for scraping the shoulder blades or IT band.
  • Ball Head- For general use, designed to target large muscle groups, and effectively ease sore muscles.
  • Fork Head- Ideal for addressing the neck, spine, Achilles tendon, and longer muscles.
  • Flat Head- Offers larger coverage, suitable for all parts of the body, including trigger points and the lower back.

How many speed levels / intensity does it have?

The Eros Pro Massage Gun comes with a 6-level intensity speed which you can personalize your massage experience to suit your needs whether you require a gentle touch or more intense pressure.

Level 1: 1700 RPM
Level 2: 1900 RPM
Level 3: 2100 RPM
Level 4: 2300 RPM
Level 5: 2500 RPM
Level 6: 2800 RPM

What do the lights in the unit mean?

The light on the massage gun ring is what we call Pressure indicator. The pressure indicator on the massage gun uses color to convey the level of pressure being exerted during your massage session.

White light indicates little to no pressure.
Blue light signifies good pressure.
Red light indicates too much pressure.

How long is the battery life?

Depending on the speed, the massage gun can last up to 3 hours on a single charge.

How portable is it?

The Eros Pro Massage Gun is compact and lightweight (2.2lbs) which makes it ideal for home, office and gym use.

The massage gun comes with a storage case for your convenience, ensuring all accessories are properly packaged and checked with airline regulations for battery-powered devices

Do you have videos on how to use the massage gun?

Yes! We have prepared videos for use on different key muscle groups on this link.

What kind of warranty does this product have?

All of our massage guns are backed by the industry-leading 5-year manufacturer's warranty which comes with access to our FREE 7-day real customer support.

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