How Smart Scale Measures Body Fat

How Smart Scale Measures Body Fat

With the development of innovative technologies in all spheres of life, it’s not surprising to see the fitness industry reaping the benefits, too. From highly functional equipment to various tech-savvy additions, there’s plenty to invest in when opting for a healthier lifestyle. You can even monitor your health more closely, and very easily at that. 

Body fat scales are the new must-have item in the world of healthy living. Not only do they keep up with your lifestyle, but they also observe your body's inner workings. But are these gadgets really that accurate and how do they measure body fat? We have the answer to that. To learn more about these scales and discover the best smart scale on the market, stay with us. We will reveal all of the juicy details.

How Smart Scale Measures Body Fat

First off, let’s discuss body fat scales and their functionality. These scales are a far from the regular weight scales that everyone has at home. Body fat scales perform the basic function of weighing you while providing full body composition metrics at home. Among these are body fat, muscle, water, bone mass, BMR, BMI, metabolic age, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, protein, skeletal muscle, and fat-free body weight.

As you can tell, this type of scale assists in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This will also help you to get to know your body better, and you’ll experience a different method of tracking your progress. 

These devices are also called smart scales and are currently quite popular with people worldwide. In our opinion, it can be challenging to pick out one without doing thorough research, but the Eros smart scale definitely stands out as the best body fat scale on the market at the moment.

How Accurate Are Body Fat Scales?

The question that’s on everyone’s mind is — are body fat scales accurate? Although it might sound hard to believe, body fat scales are indeed precise. They use top-tier technology to ensure every user gets the most out of their experience, including reliable results.

For clarity, body fat scales rely on bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to calculate your results. Each scale has auto-calibrating sensors beneath a 6mm tempered glass platform that can withhold up to 400 lbs (180 kg). These sensors send a weak current through your body to gather the necessary metrics. Don’t worry — you won’t feel a thing.

These circuits pass through your fat, muscles, and other body parts to get clear metrics. In the body, muscle and water are both electroconductive, while fat is not. Nevertheless, the smart scale gets all the information necessary for a clear estimate. It also takes into account the person’s age, height, weight, and gender. The scale then combines all of the data to present detailed body metrics.

Note that these scales consider many variables that could affect the measuring process. For example, your hydration level can impact the results, along with what and when you last ate or when and how long you’ve exercised. For that reason, you might see some variation in accuracy, but that should not vary more than +/- 3% of the DEXA scan result standard.

All in all, if you’re interested in keeping track of your progress, whether you’re taking care of your health or following a new fitness journey, these scales will come in handy. What’s more, many body fat scales have smart programs that allow connecting with your smartphone or tablet via an app. This makes the whole tracking system much more convenient and straightforward.

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More About Eros Smart Body Fat Scales

As we mentioned, there are plenty of body fat scales on the market, making it even more challenging to pick one. For that reason, and many more, we decided to conduct an extensive search to find the top best smart weight scale. That’s how we ended up with Eros.


The Eros smart body fat scale is a practical solution to modern-day problems. Whether you’re spending too much time on your computer or simply don’t have the means to keep track of your progress, you can count on the Eros smart scale to help you. It tracks both your fitness and nutritional efforts to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Eros connects to your phone via Bluetooth, so you only need to download its free app. There are no additional fees beyond purchasing the scale. Moreover, the scale works on the batteries that come with the package. What makes this smart scale stand out is the unlimited number of users. Whether you choose to use one app and create separate profiles or download multiple apps on different devices for each user, Eros does not impose any profile restrictions.

Lastly, the Eros smart body fat scale has an industry-issued warranty of five years. And in case you need anything during use, you can contact customer service, that’s open all days of the week. You won't find a better deal than this.